Wouldn’t it be just a bit marvellous if the next time you invite your guests into your home, their question, “What’s that incredible smell?” isn’t met with any number of named off the shelf luxe brands, but, “It's my own custom fragrance blend.”

Rachel Vosper’s bespoke service takes you on a journey of discovery and self-expression to the most intimate and magical destination: your very own scent which can then translated into candles, diffusers room sprays and other scentware, so that wherever you live, love or host, the atmosphere will be deliciously infused with an aroma that is as unique as everything else you have created. Think of it as your fragrance legacy. 

Here’s how it works:

A consultation with Rachel will see you share treasured memories, moments and tastes, and she’ll walk you through a range of notes and scents, enabling the creation of a personal olfactory profile.

After a few days, you will be provided with three interpretations of this profile, allowing you to choose the scent which is most uniquely you.

It takes a fortnight to produce 2kg of your personal home fragrance, which can then be used in candles, diffusers, wardrobe tiles, car sprays and other scentware of your choice. (To give you rough guide: 2kg of fragrance is enough to make 120 classic one wick 250g votives.)

Your personal scent will be kept on file so your fragrance legacy can live on in many different guises. From scent acorns…

Some of the most popular uses of a Rachel Vosper tailored scent are:

  • Dinner, parties and other gatherings at home
  • Weddings
  • As party favours so guests can relive your hospitality
  • To make hotel rooms feel like home
  • Cars, boats, planes and other private and commercial spaces

Price from £2,000