2 Wick THG Bowl


2 Wick THG Bowl available in all fragrances.


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Thomas Hopkins-Gibson’s fascination for timber and woodworking has been a lifelong passion. He took up ceramics much later but was inthralled by the way the two disciplines could work together. Thomas has developed a unique process that allows him to convey the form and texture of wood, but changes the ephemeral nature of timber into almost fossilised ceramic form.

The glazed inner of the bowl is available in Black | Grey | Putty | Duck Egg Blue

2 Wick THG Bowl available in the following scents – Please note, these are made to order

Choisya (36) | Echinacea (11) | Hellebores (25) | Rose & Magnolia (7) | Scent 77 | Vostes (4)

Refill £26 – Please send or bring your empty vessel back to Rachel Vosper Belgravia to be refilled